Does Landscaping With a Sprinkler System Make Financial Sense?

Your home is probably your biggest investment, and having an attractive entrance and backyard can only enhance the value. However you need to consider the maintenance and watering costs which are a monthly expense. It makes a lot of sense to improve the exterior of your home. There are several great reasons to do this, as it makes your home a nicer place to live in, improves the environment, and when you come to sell your home in the future, it has more curb appeal. Landscaping using a sprinkler system is essential in Dallas due to the summer conditions, as we will explain here.

Landscaping is a Big Investment
Landscaping your home is a big investment, for the best possible results, you will need to get advice from an expert. The first part of a great looking landscape design is to meet with your designer. They will visit your home and look at the existing landscaping before any design work is started. You can identify any special plants, trees or shrubs that will stay in place and be incorporated into the new design. This is also important for designing the sprinkler system for maintenance later on, as trees have different watering requirements to say flower beds.

The choice of landscaping plants is important for a couple of reasons, firstly for aesthetics, the selection of flowers and shrubs is critical for the look and feel of the resulting backyard look and feel. Secondly you need to account for the climate both for the hardiness of the plants chosen, and also for the on-going maintenance and watering needed. For example, in Dallas Texas the summers are very hot and dry, so any plants and shrubs chosen should be native to the area and be drought tolerant so they watering requirements are not too great.

Invest in a Sprinkler System
Once the choice of plants has been made, and the layout planned out, it is important to ensure adequate watering takes place to maintain a lush green look of the plants. The most efficient and cost effective way to water your backyard is with an automatic sprinkler system. These days it is possible to design a system that delivers precise amounts of water in just the right amount to keep the vegetation looking healthy. New high tech moisture sensors can be used to measure the amount of moisture in the soil so that just the right amount of water is delivered by the sprinkler system. Gone are the days of having pools of water in your lawn, where over-watering took place, the only time that would occur would be with a sprinkler head problem, which could be fixed easily.

One of the issues we are having in recent years are summer droughts. Over the last three years the city of Dallas has imposed watering restrictions on landscape watering for long periods during the summer. Fortunately most modern electronic systems can easily be re-programmed both to comply with changing city requirements, and to keep your landscaping looking great.

So the secrets of having a long term beautiful landscape around your home and backyard are the choice of plants, regular maintenance and watering. By designing in the use of automatic sprinklers, you can reduce the amount of hand watering, and ensure that your landscaping continues to be a wise financial investment for the value of your home, and also a great place to relax in when you are home.